Air-to-hydraulic pressure booster

Air-to-hydraulic pressure booster is a device used to convert workshop air into a higher hydraulic pressure needed for operating cylinders requiring small to medium volumes of high-pressure oil (Figure 2.7(a)).


It consists of an air cylinder with a large diameter driving a small diameter hydraulic cylinder. Any workshop equipped with an airline can easily obtain hydraulic power from an air-to-hydraulic booster hooked into the airline. Figure 2.7(b) shows an application of the air-to-hydraulic booster. Here the booster is seen supplying high-pressure oil to a hydraulic cylinder used to clamp a work piece to a machine tool table.


Since the workshop air pressure normally operates at around 100 psi, a pneumatically operated clamp would require a relatively larger cylinder to hold the work piece while it is being machined.

Let us assume that the air piston has a 10 sq. in. area and subjected to a pressure of 100 psi. This produces a 1000 lb force on the hydraulic cylinder piston. Thus if the area of the hydraulic piston is 1 sq. in., the hydraulic discharge oil pressure will be 1000 psi. As per Pascal’s law this produces a 1000 psi oil pressure at the small hydraulic clamping cylinder mounted on the machine tool table.

The pressure ratio of the pressure booster can be determined as follows:


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  1. hi my name kashif ali i want one thing that if we apply air pressure at the one end of piston that air is compressibale that work to increase pressure at other end which side is hydraulic pressure becuase pascal ‘s law that it can work only on uncompressible fluids

  2. We are currently using a ram power accumulator and I am looking for something in the states to replace it. We are controlling the oil pressure by air pressure now the cylinders we are charging will need to get up to 3500 psi with 100 PSI air pressure. I was hping you could help

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